The Ordinary Skincare Review

IMG_0812Hi everyone, so my skin care routine has changed quite a bit over the recent year. If you would like to know what products I am currently using head over to my post on Oily to Matte Skin Regime.
For me the product/brand that saved my skin was The ordinary, when I first saw this brand it looked a little intimidating because I didn’t quite understand the ingredients and how they were supposed to be used.  They have designed their bottles to be very clean cut and transparent, which I actually really liked.  I thought the concept was pretty cool.

Now after doing some intense research and watching many reviews on these products (maybe a little too many), I finally began to understand the products and how they were meant to be used.
These products are designed to come in their purest/true form. For me this was important because there are soooo many products that have a lot of ingredients some which can be very harmful and damaging for the skin! But we aren’t always aware of this.
The Ordinary products are designed to allow you to curate your own skin care, by picking specific products which you think would be best suited for your skin depending on what you want to achieve.

Here is a list of the products I am currently using from The Ordinary:

Niacinamide 10% + 1% Zinc – £5
This was the first product I purchased, I read that this was meant to be really good for oily skin, skin that was highly congested (and mine was!). I can say that this product has worked amazingly, my skin is no longer oily and my breakouts have reduced so much. I use this AM and PM but you don’t need a lot I use around 3/4 drops and massage this into my face. This does foam up a little so don’t be alarmed if this happens its completely normal, just keep rubbing it into your skin until it’s gone. The consistency of this I found a little sticky when I would rub it in but after that it was fine.


AHA 30% and BHA 2% peeling solution – £6.30
AHA – Alpha hydroxy acid can come in the form of glycolic acid/lactic acid/citric acid etc. This helps to exfoliate the topmost layer of the skin giving a brighter and even appearance. It can also help to reduce the appearance of acne scars, dark spots and improve texture of skin
BHA – beta hydroxy acids can come in the form of salicylic acid. This penetrates the skin a lot deeper and helps to clear congestion.
The concentration of the AHA is quite high, but together they work really well. This peel has a red tinge to it and that’s from the Tasmanian pepperberry – this is added to help reduce irritation which can often be caused due to the acid. It also includes Vitamin B5 to help with healing and black carrot, which is an antioxidant.

It says to use this no more than twice a week, and to use in the PM. I started to use this once a week because I was worried that it might be too strong for my skin. But I have noticed an improvement within my skin’s appearance and texture, my skin feels so smooth! The consistency is not very thick, when applying you want to form a thin even layer.
SIDE NOTE: Do not leave this on for longer than 10 minutes!! When I first started, I left it on for 5 minutes just to see how my skin would react, once my skin was comfortable with the product I then started to increase the time slowly until I could handle the full 10 minutes. It does burn a little, but this settles very quickly, however if it persists remove it straight away.
As I use the Niacinamide I make sure that I leave at least 12 hours before I use this or sometimes, I just won’t apply the niacinamide in the AM. This is because you don’t want to be applying too many acids on your skin in one go.


100% Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil – £9
The fact that I am now using an oil is shocking to me! Knowing that I had oily/acne prone skin, oil was just a big fat NO from me, because I associated oil with being greasy therefore by applying it on my skin, I felt like I was clogging my pores even more. I remember being told to use coconut oil on my face for scarring, so I tried it, probably the worst decision I made. I ended up breaking out more and from then on, I never applied any oil on my skin.
However, I read about the benefits of Rosehip oil and I was intrigued. Cold pressed oil means that it has all the qualities which are important within the oil nothing has been degraded.
One thing that struck me was the fact that it helps acne prone skin, I was very confused, how can oil help acne prone skin? Well let me tell you… Rosehip oil contains linoleic acid which can help to boost sebum production which can help to reduce breakouts. But it also contains vitamin A which helps to minimize sebum production, so there is a balance kept within your skin. When sebum levels are unbalanced that’s when your skin starts to go crazy. It also helps with scarring, hydration, brightening skin tone etc.

It says to use this in the PM, I don’t use this every night I use this 2/3 times a week. The oil doesn’t have an aroma, due it’s a high omega fatty content. The consistency is not too thick either.


High Spreadability fluid primer – £5.50
I have recently added this into my makeup routine; the consistency is a little thick but when applied it feels super lightweight and spreads very easily. I found this to work really well on my skin, it also gives a slight dewy look which I love! When watching reviews, I found that this works well on dry skin, so as my skin was oily I was a little hesitant to try it. But I am someone who loves a dewy makeup look over matte any day, so I got it! So far i have no complaints, this is now one of my favourite primers. And a little goes a long way!


So there you have it my review on The Ordinary products that I am currently using, I hope you enjoyed reading! See you guys soon.

Kuvneet x


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