Simple Everyday Makeup Routine


Hi everyone, today I am going to be talking about my quick and simple makeup routine. I’m someone who doesn’t like to wear makeup everyday as I like to let my skin breathe, but when I do wear makeup especially during the day I like it very simple and natural looking. So let’s get straight into it, the products I use are a mix of high end and high street brands.

Always remember before you apply any makeup take time to prep your skin and apply a primer this just allows the product to stick to your skin better rather than sink into it. My favourite one right now is from the brand The Ordinary – High-Spreadability Fluid Primer. I have been using this primer for about a month now and I love it, it blurs out my pores so well and its non-greasy! They also have another primer for those who are looking for more of a matte look! But I prefer a dewy look, all about the glow!

For foundation I like to use something that is lightweight but still gives me enough coverage. I use a Tinted moisturiser from Laura Mercier in shade Ochre. I am currently on my third tube that’s how much I love this foundation! I love how natural it looks when applied onto the skin. I forgot to mention they have three types of tinted moisturisers but the one I use is oil free! It is expensive retailing at £35 but it’s worth the money honestly sometimes I use this for nights out too, it’s an amazing product. It also has SPF 20, which is important you should always apply SPF before you leave the house!

Once foundation is applied, I like to conceal any areas where I need a little bit more coverage then I go ahead and conceal under my eyes, chin and then a tiny bit on my forehead (the usual places you would highlight). I use Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in the shade Nude. The coverage is amazing I have gone through so many bottles of these, and what I love is that the applicator is attached to the bottle you just twist and it applies so easily and it’s so convenient. It’s also super cheap one of my most favourite drug store concealers.

Setting powder, now this powder is more on the expensive side but I promise you it’s the best powder you will ever come across I mean it has been for me anyways haha. Any guesses?… It’s the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder. I just love anything Charlotte Tilbury her products just scream luxury to me and the packaging is gorgeous. When I saw this powder, I just had to buy it and I’m so glad I did, it does exactly what it says;  blurs everything and gives a flawless finish. I use the shade medium and its perfect for me!  I’ll let you in on a secret I recently purchased the Maybelline Fit Me powder and I think it could be a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury powder, I’m still testing this but so far I really like it.

When I do full glam, I like to contour but for a simple look I just go straight in with bronzer. I never used to like using a bronzer I really don’t know why, I love how it warms the face up and gives the illusion that you are naturally skin kissed. I do apply this to the usual areas I would contour but a bronzer just allows you to look more natural and softer. I use the the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit but I sometimes use my Maybelline City Bronzer in the shade Deep Cool.


Blush! I love blush especially rosey/mauve tones. My favourite blush is from Elf cosmetics in the shade Jetsetter but sadly its discontinued! However, I sometimes use Petal Power from MAC this is a rose gold blush and I love it because it looks so natural but it also gives you a subtle golden highlight.


Lastly I apply mascara, I don’t like doing heavy makeup on my eyes I like to keep it very simple so I will just go ahead and apply one to two coats of Loreal Million Lashes Mascara and voila my simple yet glam makeup routine is now complete!

Ladies don’t forget to spritz your face with either a setting spray or your favourite facial spray mine is either the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray or I love using my Pixi glow mist spray!

I hope you enjoyed reading, see you on the next post.

Kuvneet x

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