The Gold Accessories You Need In Your Life


IMG_8183Ever since I saw the picture of the iconic Linda Evangelista dripped in Versace accessories from 1995, I have been obsessed with gold jewellery. The key pieces I wear are: necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets and belly chains. I’ll talk you through how I wear these pieces and what with. I’ll also provide links for you, so you can find some of your own!

  1. Necklaces

I go for smaller and buy a thinner chain, so the pendant is the statement piece. This timeless look can be worn by anyone with anything at any time. My current favourite style of necklace is anything monogrammed. They’re personal, can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces to bring together your look. I got my monogrammed necklace from Etsy. You can get them in different styles and colours. What I also love about buying necklaces from Etsy is you can choose the length of the chain you want, so it’s completely personal to you. I’m actually thinking about buying another one from there with my name in gothic writing. I’m obsessed with monogrammed pieces!

I also love gold lariat necklaces, like this Snake Chainone from Forever 21. You can buy really good pieces of jewellery from there for affordable prices. The gold lariat style necklaces are statement pieces that are perfect to wear with a plunging neckline. These lariat necklaces are classic pieces that will last you years, I’ve had mine since 2012 and they still look brand new!

  1. Earrings

When it comes to gold earrings, I love to rock hoops. My obsession with hoops started when I was a child, I remember seeing my cousin (shoutout Jo!) rocking these big, gold hoops and I was obsessed. They looked so good on and gave edge to her outfit. I wear gold hoops varying in size and think they can dress up or down any look. I would wear extra small hoops during the day, with jeans and a tee. The medium and larger sized hoops I wear in the evening with outfits like jumpsuits or jeans and a nice top to bring some drama to the look. I usually buy my hoops in multi-packs like this Hoop Earring Setfrom Forever 21. What I love is hoops can be bought in different colours and sizes.

  1. Rings

I usually buy my rings from H&M in the sale! The best jewellery pieces I buy are from H&M and I never pay full price, you can ALWAYS find great stuff in their sales. I like to buy simple dainty rings that don’t draw too much attention to my fingers, and I’ll pair a pair of hoops with them to complete the outfit. The one thing I love about H&M jewellery is that they don’t discolour (mine haven’t at least) and I’ve had them for over three years! Definitely worth the money and you might be able to find them in the sale rack for £1!

  1. Anklets

I have been obsessed with anklets for as long as I can remember! I love wearing them in summer time especially. To me, no evening outfit feels complete without my anklets on. When shopping for anklets I buy them from anywhere, always in the colour gold and always very dainty ones. When I was 18, I started to buy them and noticed how expensive an anklet was… it’s just a bracelet for your ankle. But the store is charging double for what they charge a bracelet, to me that didn’t make sense. So, a hack I live by is, I’ll go to the sale section and look for gold, dainty bracelets and wear them as anklets. What’s great about doing this is I’m able to buy them in bulk, because there’s usually so many on the sale rack, they fit around my ankle perfectly and they’re so cheap!! I buy them for no more than £3!

  1. Belly Chains

In the summer I always wear a gold belly chain regardless of my outfit. The belly chain is my summer time essential. I pair them with my swimwear, shorts and a tee combo during the day. In the evening when I’m wearing a backless top with jeans, my essential piece to finish the look is my gold belly chain! It brings a sexy vibe to the look & ties everything together. You can get belly chains from anywhere, I buy the mine from eBay. They’re so cheap so I buy them in bulk, and they last FOREVER! I’ve had mine for over five years now & it still looks brand new. You can find belly chains in different colours and styles, but my go to chain is the Jewellery Bead Chain from eBay.

So, there you have it the five gold pieces of jewellery I can’t live without and I’m sure I’ll be adding more to my collection very soon. I hope you enjoyed reading & I’ll see you in the next post.


Simran X

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