Our Favourite Lip Care Products


Hi everyone, who hates having dry lips? ME! I have always suffered from dry lips (and yes I do drink water probably not enough but let’s not get into that right now).

As a kid I suffered from eczema which is why I still suffer from the odd occasions of getting extremely dry lips. I have tried sooo many products like I mean a whole bunch; I’ve used Vaseline like all of the Vaseline balms and they just never worked for me; my lips never felt fully moisturised. I tried Carmex; I loved the smell but even that wasn’t great, EOS – I got this because of the hype that was surrounding it and I mean it was cool and all having this little ball for a lip balm, but it really did nothing for my lips. I tried scrubs on my lips and sometimes that would help but then when I would apply these lip balms to retain moisture back into my lips but they would just go back to being dry. Oil, I even tried applying olive oil – nothing, it actually made my lips drier and itchier.

I eventually came across Nivea and I used to use this as a kid but I didn’t like it very much I don’t know why I think it used to feel quite heavy on my lips but anyways Simran recommended Nivea, she loves this lip balm I don’t think I’ve ever seen her use any other brand. So, I decided to give it another and it is now one of my favourite brands for lip balms. It’s really soothing on your lips and I’m not constantly applying which is what I found with the other lip balms I was applying so frequently!

But, my all-time favourite lip balm is BurtsBees, omg you guys it’s the best! I have gone through so many of these lip balms I just love how moisturising and nourishing they are, I don’t even need to apply that much during the day. My lips stay soft all day! I love how its all natural, only made from Beeswax, Vitamin E and Peppermint oil! They have a variety of scents and they all smell amazing. They also have a tinted lip balm (pink shade) and its perfect for when I apply makeup, sometimes when I don’t want to apply a lipstick I will go in with this so my lips are constantly moisturised, but it also looks like I have lipstick on, a Win win situation.

If anyone is suffering from really dry lips I’m going to be annoying and say what everyone else says, DRINK WATER! I mean I should really listen to my own advice and one day I will but hey your girl is trying really hard. Everyone’s lips are different, these are the products that work for us you may not feel the same but that’s okay, at the end of the day we all just want beautiful soft lips.

A quick secret, this is something my mum taught me as a kid and she used to do it me all the time, apply a few drops of oil to your belly button this has many benefits not just for your lips. Sounds a little odd but it works!

I hope you enjoyed this post, see you on the next one.

Kuvneet X

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