Top 5 Oils You Need For Healthy Hair!


Hi everyone, today we are going to tell you some of our top tips on how to get your hair looking beautiful and feeling soft!

We’ll tell you a little about our hair types, my hair has always been silky smooth, however because I suffered from eczema I suffered from a constant dry scalp. I would try so many different shampoos to help the dry skin but it would often make it worse, I used antidandruff shampoos and they would do nothing.  I eventually grew out of my eczema but what really helped my scalp was oil, my mum has been applying oil to my hair since I was a little girl. I have always had naturally straight hair, so I rarely ever use a straightener or curler, the only time I apply heat to my hair is when I go out or when I dry my hair. My hair wasn’t always thick I went through a phase where it became really thin, that’s why I just stayed away from applying any heat because I knew how damaging it was therefore, I didn’t want to damage my hair.
However now that I have had my hair bleached my hair it’s so dry now and is always in knots when I get out the shower (really annoying) So now I apply oil more frequently and I also apply a mask from L’oreal – Series Expert Absolut Repair Masque. When I apply this my hair is soo smooth afterwards not tangled at all! If anyone is looking for a hair mask especially if you have coloured hair this one is really good, if anyone has any other recommendations please feel free to share!  – K

I was born with loose, curly hair and have always been in love with it. As a way to maintain the curls my mum and grandma would do hot oil treatments on the hair couple of times a week. As I also suffered from eczema on my scalp, oil really helped to keep both my hair and scalp healthy. As I got older, I wanted to experiment more with different hairstyles, so I bought a straightening iron. Whenever I would straighten my hair the amount of heat applied would do three things: 1. Irritate my scalp 2. Thin out my hair and 3. Turn my curl patterns into waves. As soon as I noticed my curl pattern start to turn more wavy, I boycotted the straightening iron and learn how to retain my curls and thicken my hair. I would use the Aussie moist conditioner to deeply condition my hair and I had a special shampoo to treat my eczema. But I noticed when using conditioner due to heat damage (which my hairdresser said there wasn’t heat damage but more curl pattern breakage) my hair was falling out in clumps. So now I barely apply heat to my hair, and I’ve substituted store bought conditioner with oil treatments and the results have been amazing! I’ll never go back to using a conditioner. – S

Here are some of the oils we use:

Mustard oil– This has antibacterial properties, improves hair health, stimulates blood flow and reduces pain related to inflammation. This oil was beneficial for us because we both suffered from eczema and it just helped to maintain moisture and volume.

Coconut oil– This is a great conditioner; helps to moisturise, bring back shine and softness.

Argan oil– This oil is great for hydrating and bring shine back into dull hair. Its high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E. This oil can be applied to dry or wet hair! Its not as greasy as the other oils and because it absorbs so quickly, I would sometimes apply this to my hair when it is wet and then dry it, the Argan oil just adds extra protection against the heat. My hair would always feel so smooth and shiny after.

Almond oil– This is very similar to coconut oil and Argan oil, very hydrating and nourishes the scalp leaving hair super feeling soft.

Jamaican castor oil– We have both been using this fairly recently and love it! This is amazing for hair growth as it helps to improve blood circulation. This can be applied onto your scalp and eyelashes. We have only been using this for a short time but have always noticed a difference already! Must try!

These are the oils that have benefited us the most, each of these oils can be mixed with one another, I have mixed coconut oil and Jamaican castor oil, and this works for me (K). However this depends on your hair type as each individual is different, so I would recommend to test out the oils before mixing to see which ones work best for you!

We hope you enjoyed reading, stay tuned for the next post!

 Kuvneet & Simran X


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