Primark Mini Haul!

Hey everyone, welcome back to SKLifestyle. Today I’m coming at you with a mini Primark haul. I went into the Primark store just to pick up a pair of jeans and ended up leaving with a few other pieces too *face palm*.  But some of the things I picked up are perfect for this season & who better to share it with than you all. So, let’s get straight into it.


So the first thing I picked up was the Straight Leg/High Waist/ Ankle Length jean from their vintage collection. I have been looking for a pair of mom jeans for so long now. I couldn’t find the right fit for me and have seen so many different people express their love for Primark denim, so I had to give these a try. These jeans aren’t folded in the store, they’re usually on hangers, which is something you should be aware of if you’re looking for these.  First thing we have to talk about is the fit of these jeans, they are true to size, I got mine in a size 10 and they fit really nicely on my legs and my butt. The only thing that I would say about the fit of these jeans is the waist kind of gapes. For me I have this problem in a lot of places because my waist is a lot smaller than my lower body, but if you add a belt these jeans look so much better, you can’t even tell that the waist gapes a little. The material I really like in these jeans too its quite soft, it’s not overly stretchy but surprisingly allows you to pull and mold the denim to your shape really well, which is great.  It looks like that hard, expensive denim but it’s really soft, comfortable and very affordable. Detailing in jeans is something I always look out for and I especially love frayed hems on jeans, which is something this pair have. I folded mine up to give more of a cropped look. These jeans retail at £13, which is really good for everything they offer. Definitely one of my favorite pairs of jeans.

ebc2b0fd-5f3f-4bb3-81d2-28ab88450dd1 2.jpg


Because I knew I needed a belt with the jeans I had picked up, I headed over to the accessories section & found this chocolate brown belt. This colour looks so nice& the buckle gives that vintage vibe.  The quality of this belt is amazing, I’ve bought belts just like this at higher prices and the quality wasn’t as good & didn’t last very long. I bought this belt in a size Small because that was the only size left in this colour, but as you can see in the picture, I tucked it into the jeans & it cinches the waist so well. I’m a waist 26 and this belt does a fantastic job. This belt retails at at £3! Definitely will be buying more belts from Primark in the future.

57704453814__AB11D81B-557A-4939-910A-7C49AA752969 2.JPG


In the summer, I love wearing big earrings, with big hair.  I’m a hoop girl, I love a good pair of hoops and for the summer time I like to experiment with earrings of different colours outside of gold (my go to).  So, when I saw these mustard earrings I fell in love! They look lovely on & I think these earrings with sleek hair and a nude lip would give that ultimate summer vibe! Knowing how much I love hoops when I saw these green hoop style earrings, I had to try them out. I love the gold accents in the inside of the hoops and the green on the outer side. I would pair these with a sleek, low curly ponytail and a white dress in the summer, again to bring out those summer vibes. Both of these earrings retail at £3 each!



I love to work out and a couple of year ago my mum introduced me to Primark’s workout range & I’ve never brought any other brand since. This time while I was there I picked up these two grey, tight, vest tops. They have a contour on the design to give the illusion of a more snatched waist. The material is really good quality and they also snatch in your waist really well, which you would not expect a workout tee to do. These particular vest tops do run a little large, so I would recommend going one size down. I usually wear a 6-8 in Primark vest but got a 4-6 and they fit perfectly. These tees come in black and grey, retailing at £4. I get so many questions on where I buy my workout tees and jumpers from and its always Primark!


Lastly, I went into the makeup section looking for some setting powder but the store I went to wasn’t stocking it, but I did manage to pick up some false eyelashes. I was first introduced to the range of eyelashes in Primark when I first got into wearing eyelashes. Now I only ever buy the demi wispy lashes from Ardell or these sultry lashes. I love these lashes from Primark, they’re really good quality, allow you to build mascara onto them really well & come with a large glue pot. The best part about the lashes in Primark is they come in a range of different styles & they all cost £1! I mean does it get any better?



So, there’s a few pieces I picked up from Primark, I’m actually hoping to head down to the Birmingham store soon and have a look at what the Megastore has to offer. As soon as I do I’ll be sharing everything I got from there with you, but until then everyone I look forward to seeing you in our next post!


Simran X

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