Travel Series Part 4: San Francisco


Hey guys, Welcome back to our travel series! After LA we went to San Francisco, originally we wanted to drive up to San Francisco, if you drive along highway One all you see is breathtaking views of the coast. Theres places to stop along the way too such as Santa Barbara, Big Sur etc. But the drive is quite long and we had been traveling so much so we decided to take a flight. But next time we go we will be driving ha-ha.

We stayed at the HI hostel – now when I would think of hostels I just wouldn’t think nice things. But we first stayed at this hostel in Miami and it was really clean we had no problems whilst staying there so we booked HI hostel Downtown in San Francisco which was in a perfect location as it was right next to Union Square. Union square is full of restaurants and retail stores which is great if you want to spend the day shopping!

What we did:
Golden Gate Bridge
The first thing we did was go to the Golden Gate bridge because it’s one of the most famous bridges in the world. We got dropped off at Vista Point and from there we walked the whole bridge. It was a little scary not going to lie, I am scared of heights whereas Simran isn’t, so I was so surprised at myself for walking over, I just didn’t go to close to the edge haha because it is quite windy on the bridge. But we made It across!


Fisherman’s Wharf
From the golden gate bridge we walked to fisherman’s wharf which is the most famous waterfront community and they have tonnes of eating places! Mainly seafood restaurants. But they also have activities that you can take part in such as renting a bike, Bay cruises, Water excursions etc.

Cable Car
We of course wanted to experience the Cable Car, so we took the Powell-Hyde car from Fisherman’s Wharf. However, the trip wasn’t as smooth as I hoped it would be, whilst going up a hill and majority of San Francisco is on steep hills (by the way great workout for your legs and calves) the cable car got stuck! So, we had to get out and walk up the rest of the hill and wait for the car to come up. It was quite funny actually no one was mad but these cars are not designed to stop on hills clearly.  We got really cool views of San Francisco the overall experience is definitely one to remember.


When the cable car got stuck up the hill

Lombard street:
This is the most crooked street in the world with 8 sharp turns! It would have definitely been really cool to drive down! Instead we just walked down the street I wasn’t going to attempt to walk back up ha ha. The amount of walking we had done my legs were pretty much dead after.


Alcatraz Island
Alcatraz island is known for its prison that held some of Americas most infamous criminals such as Scarface and Birdman. We booked through Alcatraz Cruise where you get a roundtrip ferry ride and a cell house tour. It was such a surreal experience being in an actual prison never thought I’d ever be in one ha-ha. But it was by far one of the best experiences of the trip.



Eating Places:
There are so many places to eat in San Francisco we just googled whatever was near and tried out those places. The first night we ended up eating at a Michelin star restaurant called Kin Khao, we realised once we sat down. We did not look cute we were in our sweats! But we didn’t get kicked out we got a few stares but the food was tasty! We definitely had to go to cheesecake factory – the cheesecakes are to die for! If I had one near me, I’d probably be there every day. Food is good the portions are quite big too!
In Fisherman’s Wharf they have a lot of seafood restaurants, we ate at this restaurant called Blue Mermaid and the food was really nice. It all tasted so fresh, would definitely recommend trying.

Other recommendations:
Baker Beach – The views of the bridge from here are supposed to be amazing and you get to spend the day at the beach!
San Francisco has four Chinatowns! 4! But the main Chinatown they have is actually the oldest in America.

All i can say is walking around San Francisco was a full workout! But the city is always buzzing, there is so much to do there you could never get bored. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. See you on the next one.

Kuvneet & Simran X


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