Contour Vs. Bronzing – Which do you prefer?



Hi guys! Today’s post is going to be about two techniques which many people including myself still get confused over. Bronzing and contouring aren’t they just the same thing? The answer is no. Both techniques are designed to add depth to your makeup look but here are the differences.

Contouring is used to make shadows on your face, so this technique is used to make your face look slimmer, cheekbones appear more prominent, stronger jawline, smaller nose etc. The shades for contouring are also a lot more different, they are not as warm as bronzers. You usually get around ¾ shades in a palette and they typically have a grey undertone, so they are cooler.

Some of my favourite contour palettes:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour kit – This was my very first contour palette I was super excited because ABH is just such an amazing brand, I just had to have it. I got the light/medium palette and this lasted me for some time.

Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette – Now this palette oh my god. It’s so pigmented you only need to dip the brush into the product like once and apply. This was by far most favourite palette! I got the shade light/medium. So i actually purchased mine from Sephora but they now sell it in Debenhams which is based in the UK!


NYX cosmetics contour palette – This palette is also very pigmented, so you only need to use a small amount of product. And it’s not as expensive as the other the two palettes so for beginners I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a palette. Its very similar to the Kat Von D palette.


Bronzer however is designed to warm the face; the focus is not so much on creating shadows. The idea is to look sun kissed, like you have just been on holiday!

My first ever bronzer was the Hoola Bronzer and since buying this I have not touched my contour palettes. You only get one shade but it’s perfect and so much more convenient especially for travelling. They also give you a little brush which is so cute I use this for contouring my nose it’s like the perfect brush because the edge is straight and all you do is dip the brush into the product and swipe it down your nose, voila – nose contour done!


I recently purchased the Maybelline City Bronzer, it’s a little darker than my Hoola Bronzer but it’s so nice and it just makes me look so sun kissed.


Bronzer is perfect when doing natural makeup because it doesn’t look harsh, it gives a very soft and subtle look.

The techniques for applying both products is also different:
When it comes to contouring you need to be more specific with where you apply the product. So if you want to contour your cheeks keep the product just in that area and blend, its soooo important that you blend. You do not want any harsh lines of contour showing, that will not look cute!

Whereas bronzing you can be a little messier with this, it doesn’t have to be so clean but also don’t go crazy with it and apply it everywhere ha-ha. With Bronzer the right technique is to sweep the product across your forehead, cheekbone and jawline basically forming the number 3. You want to apply where the sun would naturally hit your skin.

For me I prefer bronzing because it gives me a natural sun kissed look which I love. I prefer looking warmer than cool. But sometimes I will contour and then go over it with the bronzer to warm up the skin and this just intensifies that contour a little bit more. I have recently started using more cream contour (La pro girl concealer in the shade Beautiful bronze and Espresso) products because I know when I use cream products it will not move all day and then I will go over with a bronzer just to kind of set it and deepen up that contour. So yes, they are used for different styles of makeup, but I still like to use them together sometimes.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! See you on the next one.

Kuvneet X


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