Step by Step Guide on how to create Green Halo Eyes!



Hey everyone, Welcome back! Lately i have been experimenting with colours a lot, i have to admit i used to hate using coloured eyeshadows i always felt intimidated and overwhelmed by all the choices! But now that i am becoming a makeup artist i had to get over that!

So i decided to purchase the Morphe 35B palette. This palette omg! The colours are so bright and vibrant and so pigmented i’m so glad i bought it. I have done a few looks now on myself, if you want check those out head over to our instagram page!
But simran came over to my house the other day and she suggested doing a green eyeshadow look because i hadn’t done one before, i was like perfect! So i decided to create a Green Halo Eye look. I love this style because its pretty and i feel like its a look that suits anyone! So if you want to know how this look was created then please keep reading!

Step 1:
I like to prime the eyelids first and you can use any concealer of your choice i used the NYX can’t stop won’t stop Concealer. This just helps to cancel out any discolouration and when applying a lighter shade to the lid you are able to see the colour of the eyeshadow more. Then i like to set the eyes with a powder. Any powder of your choice.
Using the Morphe 35B palette i started packing shade 1 onto the inner and outer corner of her eyelids. You don’t want to put any product in the middle of the eyes, keep that clean because this is how the halo effect is going to be formed. I like to start off by applying a small amount and then build as i go along. Once i am happy with the intensity of the shade, grab a clean fluffy brush and just start blending that out lightly. You want to keep it focused on the edge of the eye and blend out so you almost want to form a V on the outer corner of your eye.


Step 2:
I then applied shade 2 just to the crease this just helps to blend out the colour more, you always want everything to look nice and blended. No harsh lines!


Tip: If you ever think you have applied too much eyeshadow then use a lighter eyeshadow shade to soften it up and it just transitions the colours more nicely.

I ended up taking shade 3 and applying that to the inner and outer corners of her eyes just to brighten the colour up a little more. The Dark Green shade was a little too dark.


Step 3:
Time for the halo eyes! i took the same concealer that applied all over the lids and put a small amount on to my hands. I took a small detailed brush and started to apply that jut to the middle of the eyes. you want it to keep it focused just in the middle eyes don’t drag the concealer to far across the eyes. You can blend the concealer out a little so again theres not harsh lines, but only blend the edges!

Step 4:
I then applied a shimmery gold shade which i took from the Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Palette and applied that over the area i concealed. You can make this as intense as you want, but i felt like we needed more shimmer so i took my loose pigment from NYX Cosmetics in the shade Vegas Baby! and just applied that on top of the gold shadow.


Tip: To pick up more product especially glitters, wet your brush before hand so you can either use water or i like to use my setting spray.

Step 5:
Lashes! I feel like no look is complete with out lashes. I applied Primark Sultry Lashes – you guys have to try these they were only a £1!! Amazing!

So there you have it, my guide on how to create Green Halo Eyes! This look can be used for any occasion its so simple, you don’t have to use 10 different shadows to create this just 3 and you can use any colours you want!

I hope you enjoyed reading, See you on the next post!

Kuvneet X

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