Eye Look Inspired by Sir John!


Hey everyone, Welcome back! Today’s post is going to be on a look I recreated a little while back on Simran. This look was inspired by Sir John – if you don’t know who Sir John is, he is Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist!! When I saw he was doing a video with Desi Perkins I had to watch it.

What I love about his style of makeup is that he keeps it quite natural looking, for him the most important part is the eyes. The reason why he spends so long on the eyes is because when you first meet someone the first thing you look at is their eyes, so you want them to pop. Which I completely agree with! His technique is very light, he believes in using minimal product, none of that cakey business ha-ha.

So, this look that he created was inspired by his collection with Luminess Cosmetics. This palette was actually inspired by The Lion King! The whole collection honestly looks so amazing; the colours, pigment, packaging – incredible! I wish I could get my hands on this collection!

For this look I didn’t have his Lion King Collection, but I tried to match the colours as much as possible. Huda Beauty’s Topaz Obsessions Palette was a perfect match for this look. Let’s get into it!

Step 1: I always like to prime the eyelids first – for this you can use any concealer of your choice and then just go ahead and set that with a setting powder


Step 2: I then took shade 1 – which is a dark brown and started to pat that on to her lid. I kept it more so focused on the inner and outer corner of the eyelids and the I applied it close to the lash line. The middle was kept a little clear. Then grabbed a small blending brush and started to buff that out just a little, again making sure there’s no harsh lines

Quick Tip: This tip I learnt from Sir John – when it comes to doing eyes, he always likes to go in with an eye pencil first which acts as a base. So, when it comes to packing on eye shadows having that colour already on the base will help to intensify the colour more.
I personally didn’t have a pencil so i just went straight on with the eye shadow. But i will definitely be trying this technique!

Step 3: I then took shade 2 and started to pack that on all over the eyelid and into the crease. Using a clean fluffy brush I then blended that colour out, dragging the colour out to form a slight V shape on the outer corner.


Step 4: I applied Shade 3 all over the eyelids – for this I used my finger. I find when it comes to applying shimmery eyeshadows using your finger always gives the best results. Because of the warmth from your finger the colour looks more pigmented. If you prefer not to use your finger then I would recommend wetting your brush a little, I like to use a setting spray and it just picks up more product.


Step 5: I just used the same blending brush and ran that across her crease just to make sure everything is nice and blended. I used a small synthetic brush, focusing it on the outer part of the eye I just used small circular motions and rubbed the brush upwards. This just helped to clean it up a bit more.

I then went ahead and applied some lashes, these were from Primark – £1!!

There you have it my take on Sir Johns look created on Desi Perkins! I hope you enjoyed reading. See you on the next post.

Kuvneet X




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