Eyelash Curler: The must have tool for your makeup kit

The eyes are the windows to our souls so we always want them to look their best. A secret weapon that will have your eyes looking incredible with or without makeup is the eyelash curler.

This is my favourite tool in my makeup bag because it can take me from looking like I’ve just woken up to runway ready! Below i have listed the benefits of using an eyelash curler.

Benefits of using an eyelash curler:

  • Gives the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes
  • lengthens the lashes
  • curls and lifts the lashes by driving them upwards and adding volume without mascara!

Do i need to change my Eyelash Curler? 

You shouldn’t ever need to change the tool itself but the pads you should be replacing every 3-6 months. That’s because the pads inside can get damaged, which will then affect the curl patterns and damage your lashes.

How should i keep my curler clean?

Eyelash curlers are very easy to keep clean and just like your makeup brushes and sponges they need to be washed consistently. Listed below is the technique i use to keep my curler clean.

  1. moisten a cotton pad/ball with eye makeup remover
  2. use your cotton pad/ball to clean the makeup of the metal bar and the rubber pad of the curler (these are the places makeup gets on the most)
  3. Mix a few drops of washing liquid in a bowl of warm water. Dampen a soft cloth with soapy water and then wipe off any remaining makeup from the curler
  4. Briefly hold the top part of the curler that you just cleaned under running water to rinse off any left over soap. try not to let any water get on the metal joints
  5. Then pat your curler dry with a towel or cotton pad. If you see any left over makeup then repeat the process

Top Tip for great lashes:

When curling your lashes start closer to the roots of your lashes first, hold for 3 seconds and release, then move close to the ends of your lashes, hold again for 3 seconds and release. You’ll find your lashes are ready for the day!

Your can find eyelash curlers absolutely anywhere, so head down to your nearest store to help get those lashes popping! I can’t wait to see in the next post!

Simran X



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