K’s Current Night Time Routine



Hey everyone, Welcome back! Today’s post is going to be on my night time routine. My skincare has changed a lot recently, my morning and night time routine used to be the exact same – even my morning routine has changed but I will do a post on that another time.

I like to cleanse my skin twice a day and its important you cleanse before bed to get rid of any dirt that’s built up during the day. My routine before used to be face wash, toner, serum and then moisturiser, however…. My routine has become a lot shorter.

Recently my skin has been breaking out again on my cheeks and my face wash has finished so I decided to change it and try a new product. I am still testing out this brand out, so far it seems to be helping my skin which is a plus. I have also been using this new on the spot treatment which has helped a lot with my breakouts. Its definitely helped to reduce the size of the spot immediately.

Lets get into my routine:

  1. Cleanse  – I like to massage the cleanser into my skin for 60 seconds – I will leave a link below so you can read about why washing your face for 60 seconds is amazing for your skin!
    The Cleansing Rule That Will Change Your Skin: The 60 Second Rule By @LABEAUTYOLOGIST


  1. Toner/On the spot treatment – Usually I would use a toner and sometimes I still do, I use the Rose Tonic from Pixi. I find this product very soothing and calming on the skin. But lately I have been skipping this step and just applying the on the spot treatment.


  1. Oil – I apply Rose Hip Seed Oil from The ordinary. This product is amazing, its 100% cold pressed oil which is the best type you can use for your skin. Rose hip oil helps with pigmentation and scarring and hydrates the skin. Its the only oil that works on my skin, it feels light and never greasy.  I like to apply 2-3 drops into the palm of my hands and then dab it into my skin. The warmth from my hands ensures that the product will absorb into my skin.
  2. Facial Roller – I really love using a facial roller, the benefits are amazing. I purchased a Rose Quartz roller from TKMaxx only £10 also its really pretty ha-ha. but there are some benefits to this roller.

Benefits of Rose Quartz Roller:

  • Purifies the skin
  • Opens the heart to promote love, friendship and inner healing and feelings of peace

I always keep the roller in the fridge because applying cold compress helps to depuff the skin and increases blood circulation. You can use this in the morning and at night, but I like to use it when I apply any oils to my skin.

When I tend to break out i usually find less is better for me, so right now these products are working great for my skin as i’m not applying too many products. But these products might not work for everyone so definitely test out the products before hand.

Hope you enjoyed reading! See you on the next post.

Kuvneet X


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