Beginners guide to Makeup!


Hey everyone, welcome back! Today I decided to do a post on a beginner’s guide to makeup! I started wearing makeup when I was 18, but i had no idea where to begin or what i needed. I spent my 18th birthday in Canada and thats when i begged my aunt to take me to sephora because she’s a makeup fanatic. Theres sooo many products out there it can get confusing sometimes.

If you love makeup and want to start wearing it but don’t know where to start don’t worry i got you!

BUT FIRST…. And I cannot stress this enough! SKINCARE! This is so important, if you have a good skincare routine it will make makeup application so much easier and better and you won’t have to rely on so many products. When you are applying makeup let’s say everyday it can damage your skin especially if you are not cleansing properly. Always double cleanse never rely on wipes or micellar water and think that your skin is clean, no, no, no. You need to cleanse and always moisturise! take time to learn about your skin and figure out what works for you. You don’t need to buy expensive products from these high end brands, drug store brands are just as good. Just get into a routine.

Rant over! ha-ha sorry i just needed to let you guys know. But lets get into the guide!

  1. Primer – This is used to help cover/smooth any pores or texture you may have.  It helps the foundation to stick to your skin and not sink in to your skin. There are loads of different types, if you have oily skin go for a matte primer, dry skin a more hydrating primer and if you have combination then you can multi-prime. Focus the matte primer on the oily areas such T-zone and hydrating primer around the cheeks/perimeters of your face.
    Some of my favourites are: Maybelline baby skin primer, The ordinary high-spread ability primer, Benefit Porefessional primer and my most favourite one is Embryollisse this is better suited for people with dry/normal skin but its gives such a nice glow.

  2. Foundation/BB cream – Foundation has better coverage whereas a BB cream is a tinted moisturiser. Its more lightweight, gives sheer coverage and helps to even out skin tone. If I’m going out I will use a foundation but if I’m doing everyday makeup then I always use a tinted moisturiser.
    My favourite foundation right now is from NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – its got a matte finish but its not too drying and it doesn’t move. Another good one is from Loreal true match or Maybelline fit me foundation. BB creams i use one thats from a high end brand Laura Mercier it gives me really nice coverage and its light on the skin.
  3. Concealer – I love concealer, if i had to take one product with me anywhere it would be concealer. When you don’t want to wear foundation sometimes using a concealer is easy and quick just cover the areas you want to. My favourites are from the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer, NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – it gives full coverage and blends out really nicely. Revolution conceal and define is an amazing concealer it gives full coverage and its only £4.
  4. Contour – Contouring shades are a little bit cooler because they are used to sculpt your face. Whereas bronzers are warmer and they give you more of a sun kissed effect. The best contour palette i have used is from NYX you get 4 contouring shades and then you get highlighting shades. Bronzers – City Bronzer from maybelline and Loreal back to bronze is really nice.
  5. Setting powder – Loose powders/translucent powders are best for baking and pressed powders are good for setting the overall face. Maybelline fit me is a really good pressed powder not too heavy on the skin. Loreal magic loose powder is an amazing powder sometimes I lightly dust this over the areas I have highlighted (undereyes, forehead, chin) instead of baking. But you can use this powder to bake; it mattifies instantly and gives you a brighter complexion.
  6. Blush – You can purchase any blush of your choice – my all-time favourite one is from Elf cosmetics but its discontinued now. NYX do really nice blushes and they are very pigmented so a little goes a long way.
  7. Eyeliner – Me and eyeliner have a love/hate relationship. To get that perfect winged liner was such a big deal to me, I wouldn’t apply liner if I couldn’t get the wing right. But now I hardly apply liner i feel like its not necessary to wear all the time. But if you love wearing eyeliner but find it stressful to apply i find the pens really easy to use. Some of my favourite ones are from Loreal.  
  8. Mascara/Eyelash Curler – Eyelash curler is a must it makes such a difference to your eyes even when you don’t apply mascara. Loreal have really good mascaras i use the millions lashes red top and its amazing. 
  9. Eyebrow pencil – I use a brow pencil from Anastasia beverly Hills but i also use a powder from Maybelline; this comes with a pomade and powder. A pomade is good to create a shape and then a powder to fill in the gaps. I also use maybelline clear mascara to set my brows.
  10. Highlighter – This should be applied on top of your cheekbones, brow bone and the bridge of your nose if you want. It helps to give you that extra glow, makes you look like you are glowing from within. Mac Soft and gentle is really good and i really like loreal Paris glow highlighting palette. 
  11. Lipstick – There are so many lipsticks out there – Liquid mattes, Mattes, Gloss etc. Maybelline do really nice liquid matte lipsticks, bourjois have nice velvet lipsticks. So depending on what style you want drug store brands have a range of lipsticks and shades.
  12. Setting Spray – This product right here is very important! If you want your makeup to stay in place all day then buy one. Now this is the only high-end product I will recommend because it’s absolutely amazing. You might have guessed already but if not it’s the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. NYX also have nice sprays, PIXI is a good brand I used to love using the rose and herbs spray before and after applying makeup it just felt so refreshing on the skin.

This is my guide to what you need in your makeup bag, I hope this helped for anyone who is looking to buy makeup. But again figure out what works on your skin type and go for those products. I hope you enjoyed reading and can’t wait to see you on the next post!

Kuvneet X


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