Happy National Lipstick Day!


Hey everyone, Welcome back! Happy National lipstick day to all my lipstick lovers out there! I love lipsticks like I have a whole draw full of them and that’s still not enough. Because my skin was so sensitive i couldn’t actually wear makeup till i was 18! However lipstick was the one product i could wear, i would always eye my mums lipsticks and would try them on she used to get so annoyed ha-ha.

But lipstick has been around for many years it actually started from a paste being made from white lead and crushing red rocks together. This then spread across the world, but it has changed so much since then, there’s so many different shades, textures, scents. There are lipsticks that are moisturising, some contain SPF, waterproof etc.

But lipstick wasn’t always considered attractive it wasn’t associated with beauty rather it was seen as scandalous. But I’m glad that’s not the case today, I love lipstick and for some people it’s the only beauty product they can wear, for a while it was the only product I could wear. I truly believe any lipstick and even the colour of the lipstick can transform a whole look and mood! A bold red lip to me means being strong, confident and bold, a pink colour makes me feel pretty. When I do my makeup even if i do soft makeup i need to have lipstick on otherwise i just feel bare and incomplete.

Some of the very first lipsticks i bought were from MAC – i had an obsession with their lipsticks. I then became obsessed with liquid lipsticks but i have calmed down now (kind of). Some of my favourite lipsticks are from Huda Beauty, NYX cosmetics, Jeffree star (Gemini is my absolute go to colour for any occasion) and charlotte tilbury and kylie cosmetics.

Today is the day to be bold, be different and wear whatever lipstick colour you want to! Go out and buy more lipsticks because I believe a girl can never have too many!
I would love to hear what some of your favourite lipstick brands are!

See you on the next Post!

Kuvneet X



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