Beginners Guide to Skincare!


Hey everyone Welcome back! Todays post is going to be on skincare, i had a friend recently ask about me skincare because she had no idea where to start so i decided to do a post so i could share my tips and routine with you. You always see these influencers on youtube and Instgram doing their 10 step skincare routine and it can look really complicated, but im here to make it easier for you guys!

It can be an overwhelming process because there are so many products out there how do you know which ones you need. i pretty much learnt on my own through trial and error process and found products that now work for me, i don’t exactly have a 10 step routine and you don’t need one. i’ve cut steps out, added them back in because skin changes mine has changed a lot in the last year. When it comes to skincare and i mean good skincare you do need to invest time and find products that work for you. You need to nurture and care for your skin because its the first thing you see.

But lets get into it!

  1. Cleanser – You should be cleansing twice a day – Morning and night – once you cleanse it then preps your skin for the next steps. also cleansing for 60 seconds is amazing – click the link to read all about it – The Cleansing Rule That Will Change Your Skin: The 60 Second Rule By @LABEAUTYOLOGIST

Tip: If your skin feels tight after your cleanse then you need to change your cleanser. when it feels tight don’t mistake it for being super clean no no. Its actually stripping away all your natural oils and causing more harm than good to your skin. Always wash in a circular upward motion too because you want to pull the dirt out.

I currently use a cleanser from Arbonne which is botanical based – its very gentle on my skin and its actually helped to minimise breakouts and reduce scarring.
CeraVe is also another great brand which has been created with dermatologists – I used their foaming cleanser and it was so gentle on the skin. They have a range product for sensitive, dry, combination and oily skin and super affordable.

Tip: After you cleanse always use a soft cloth to dry your face and never rub always dab to prevent irritation.

Exfoliator – There are two types:
1. Physical = contains grains (plants, nuts etc) that help to remove dead skin by rubbing it against your skin.
Ole Henrickson – transforming walnut scrub is really good! Walnuts are a much safer option because the grains are a lot finer so theres no risk of causing tears. The ones I would recommend staying away from are Clearasil and St Ives – the beads are a lot bigger and I haven’t had great experiences

2. Chemical = Relies on chemicals to remove dead skin cells. These are completely safe I actually prefer a chemical exfoliator than physical.
There are two main types of chemicals – Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) – better suited for people with dry skin, could be in the form of glycolic acid which is more gentle on the skin and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) – penetrates much deeper into the skin and pores amazing for those with oily skin and acne, most common type is salicylic acid which is amazing for acne prone skin.
The ordinary – AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling solution – I spoke about this product before so I will leave a link to that post and also a link to the actual website.
The Ordinary Skincare Review

Tip: Do not over exfoliate if you are beginner once or twice a week should be good. If you use a chemical exfoliator do not mix it with other acids and i always recommend using this type at night time and then applying SPF in the morning.

  1. Toner – This helps to balance the pH in your skin, prep your skin for serums and removes any excess dirt that the cleanser may have missed. I would stay away from toners containing alcohol because this can cause your skin to dry out more.

Thayer’s have a range of toners which are alcohol free and great for sensitive skin.

PIXI also have some toners – I currently use the rose tonic, its refreshing and soothing. But I have tried their glycolic acid toner. If you are using a glycolic toner then avoid using this on the days, you are using a chemical exfoliator because mixing the two could cause skin to become irritated.

  1. Serums – This step can be confusing because there are so many serums out there. Serums are designed to focus on specific problems, and you can use more than one a time. But always find out beforehand which serums go together because I know some should not be mixed.

The ordinary by DECIEM have a wide range of serums, makeup revolution also have serums now. It depends on what you trying to target and fix.

  1. Eye Cream – This is essential! Even if you don’t have any issues with your under-eyes such as dark circles or bags under your eyes using an eye cream can still be really beneficial in the long run. It keeps your skin firm and hydrated.
    The origins GinZing eye cream is amazing, First Aid beauty also have a great cream, Ole Henrikson banana bright eye cream – i have heard so many good things about this cream i am just dying to get my hands on it!
  2. Moisturiser – You only need a small amount of this product – If you find that you are using too much, and your skin doesn’t feel moisturised then you need to check your face wash. Like I said if your skin feels tight after your cleanse your moisturiser is going to have to work twice as hard.
    If you have dry you want a rich moisturiser, if you have oily skin then opt for a gel moisturiser. Simple is a really great brand for moisturisers, very gentle on the skin. CeraVe also have some moisturisers which have worked well for me.
  1. SPF – You should be wearing SPF everyday it’s very important regardless of the weather. Always wear SPF 30 and above. I’ve had issues with SPF because my skin would become really irritated but body shop skin defence lotion worked really well for me, CeraVe is also good. Doesn’t feel sticky on the skin and absorbs very quickly.

Additional Steps (totally optional) –

Masks – Masks are great for getting deeper into your skin and clearing out any dirt, plumping skin, hydrating etc. Again masks are very specific – if you suffer from oily/clogged pores then charcoal masks are great (Loreal, Glamglow, boots do great charcoal masks). If you have dry skin then i would recommend something more hydrating even overnight masks are great. Boots have a fantastic range of masks my favourite ones have to be the Ginseng and rice – polishes the skin, leaves it glowing – the British rose is also amazing, helps to plump the skin.

Lips Masks/Lip balm – If you suffer from dry lips i would definitely recommend a lip mask i use one Laneige and its amazing its really helped my lips. But always apply lip balm in the morning and before you go to bed so you wake up to beautiful soft lips in the morning.

Steamer – Having a steamer at home can be so handy and you can save some serious money instead of going to get facial done every week or two. Steaming your face at-least once a week can be really beneficial for your skin and complexion. It helps to open up your pores and loosen any dirt built up and it also improves circulation.
I like to cleanse, steam, apply a mask, rinse, toner and moisturise. 

Facial roller – these things are great for improving coruscation and lymphatic drainage. It also helps to minimise breakouts if done regularly and improves complexion of the skin.

So this is my step by step guide to having a good skincare routine. You don’t have to follow all these steps there have been times when i have removed steps such as toners, serums and masks because those are very specific. But its important you figure out your skin type and find products according to that. If you are unsure how to find out your skin type have a look at this diagram.

Image result for how to figure out skin type










I hope you enjoyed reading this post, i would love to hear about some of the products you use! See you on the next post!

Kuvneet X
























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